Dovira Trading LLC - Quality Assurance

We have formed a strong supply chain management system for procuring and exporting products to various parts of the world.
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Quality Assurance

We pay full attention to the requests of our customers and provide products and services meeting with their satisfaction

we aim to foster a corporate culture of transparency, integrity, and honesty in everything we do. At the core is adherence to our Code of Conduct and Business Ethics, including compliance with all laws, regulations, and guidelines where we do business. The behavior of our employees and our company is guided by the core principle: “We do the right thing, every time.”


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This core principle is at the heart of how we conduct ourselves globally in dealing with our key stakeholders, including, our team members, customers, suppliers, shareholders, consumers, environment, and communities. It drives the way in which we conduct our business affairs to ensure that our behavior not only lives up to legal requirements but also to our company value to do business in an ethical, socially responsible, and transparent way, all the time.

Dovira Trading LLC - quality Assurance


Combining our local knowledge, market intelligence, and global distribution network, we manage agricultural commodities and create value in the complex marketplace.

As a trading company, our core discipline is the selection of those products from various markets that bring the best value for those in demand. Import and export operations on our own and on behalf of third parties take into consideration the individual requirements of new markets.

Competitive pricing in new markets is difficult but very important. Adequate planning and verification of suppliers or buyers with regard to the introduction of new goods are necessary to gauge the possibility of any long-term business.

Our portfolio of foreign trade services works as a backbone for our own trading operations and for our corporate clients.

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